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Pay Per Click Tips to Improve Your Campaign Getting Better ROI

Pay Per Click Tips to Improve Your Campaign Getting Better ROI

Most of the professional business owner are highly interested in PPC campaigns because of such targeted result for their business. All they needs is a quality pay per click tips to get them into the right track. Let me give you some awesome tips that will help you improving your campaign and help you getting better ROI for your campaign.

Why Do You Need Pay Per Click Tips?

  • Getting the proper guideline
  • Improving your campaign
  • Strength your business
  • Giving your business a success flow

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Well Research

Before getting started with your journey your first job is to get into the depth of your business and research about the business well enough. Researching about the business will help you getting valuable information and you can take suitable steps based on your research. Also the researched data will give you a basic idea how you need to run your business to get success.

In PPC sector you also needs to research well about your business and checkout your competitors strategy. This will be your main task to improve your campaign than the others. But most of us don’t care of researching and as a result our campaign goes failure.


Optimize Landing Page

Landing page is a place where traffic can land and check your business details at a glance. And also in a landing page there must need to be a call to action button to drive your traffic into your sales page.

On PPC campaign, landing page is one of most important element to get success. And you have to test different designed landing pages for checking which one is working good for you. Testing different things is the way to get success in PPC campaign. It’s one of my best pay per click tips for you guys.

Before you get started with you landing page design check out some of your competitors landing pages. And try to find out what they have missed out. Now, go with the all materials they have missed. This method was one of my success story what I have done in the past and still doing. All of a sudden it will surely give you a magical result more than your wish.

In your landing page try to highlight your business normally. And make sure your landing page must need to be mobile friendly because of getting better ROI. As mobile traffic is most valuable traffic these days. Hope you will be careful on that topic.

Also you must make sure on your landing page speed. Because if your landing page speed is lower then it will take more time to load. As a result visitor won’t stay on your page. And normally you will just loose your traffic and money. To check your landing page speed try out Google PageSpeed Test.

Ad Copy

Ad copy is the life of pay per click (PPC) campaign. Choosing the right ad copy can bring your camping the most rich ROI ever you can imagine! Everybody knows that the ad copy must need to be converting but they don’t know how to choose the best converting ad copy for their business.

The easiest way to get better ideas is from google search. Just pick your keyword >> get US / UK ip connected >> search on google.

And you easily can check out your competitors ad copy, how they are running their ads and you can easily estimate your ad how it will got for you. This manual process works the best ever I have tested for myself. And I also recommend you to check out your competitors ad copy like this. Many will recommend you some tools to get ideas, but I like to go for manually. Because you can get more ideas if you got for manually. I highly feel that the process will surely give you awesome result on your PPC campaign success. You must follow this pay per click tips to get benefited on your campaign success.

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Tracking System

Tracking is one of the way to improve your ROI for your business. But research proved that most of the people are not interested to track their campaign because it’s bit difficult to maintain and best tracking tools are high costing.

Even I was too much lazy to track my campaign but later I found that tracking my campaign giving me more than 50% better results than before. So from then I started tracking and gained my business by running only a few campaigns.

If you track your campaign wisely then you can make your ROI more aggressively than before.


PPC Budget

If you are going to start campaign on PPC network your first and main thinking would be budget.

Yes!! It’s mine thinking as well as you

Budget is the main factor to continue your campaign regular basis. Keep that in your mind, Running your ads on regular basis you must be ready with a good campaign budget. Unless your campaign won’t run long.  Let me give you an estimate idea for a campaign:

  • Monthly Budget: $500
  • Cost per Click (CPC): $1
  • Number of Traffic: 500
  • Conversion Rate: 1%
  • Earn Per Click (EPC): $7
  • Total Revenue: $700
  • Total Profit: $200

Now one you tested your campaign for 1st month and saw that it’s going to be your profitable campaign then just scale it up and get more revenue than before. But it’s not a guaranteed procedure you know well. Just testing will be wiring opportunity for you. Day by day you will got into the depth of PPC campaign and can make your business success at the top.


Hope I discussed about a few most important elements to improve your PPC campaign result. If you can follow those pay per click tips, it’s gonna give you an amazing ROI that you never can imagine. As you know it’s important to keep testing things to get success on that particular matter. But you also need to test those on the right way or your testing will be a failure and time will go waste.

So at the end I hope you will follow those directions carefully. And try to get clear concept on your campaign by searching online. There are thousands of resources available online. You just need to find those for yourself. Finally wish you a winning campaign runner.


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