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Top 3 Best PPC Networks for Advertisers

Top 3 Best PPC Networks for Advertisers

PPC networks as known as Pay Per Click Networks are an advertising module which helps advertisers to get their targeted traffic in a short period of time. Using this method an advertiser can get the traffic directly to their website or sales page. But this module is costly module to handle. In this article I will talk about the best PPC networks which advertisers will mostly like.

PPC is commonly associated with search engines like google, bing and other top search engines. Advertisers typically places bid on their targeted keyword. The top bidder remains at the top search result. This is how pay per click advertising module works. This module gives you laser targeted traffic which brings you the result sooner & easier. Pay Per Click also known as Cost Per Click (CPC).

Which are mine Best PPC Networks?

Google Adwords & Bing Ads

Google Adwords

It’s the top pay per click network in marketing platform. Google Adwords advertising platform designed and developed by Google. This platform released on October 23, 2000. And which become the Google’s main revenue generating source. Even if Google got other ways to generate handsome amount of revenue yearly. Google got a total advertising revenue of $43.7 billion in 2012.

As a promoter my 1st choice is Google Adwords because most of the people are highly interested to search on Google finding their needs. That’s why I am preety much sure to invest my money with Google. But still there are some other PPC networks which can generate even more revenue that the Google Adwords. It’s all about giving efforts & right way to do tasks.


Bing Ads

Counting the pay per click networks Bing Ads is at the second position. Bing Ads was formerly known as Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter. This PPC network has 33% market share in the USA. Bing Ads is developed by Microsoft which got immortal necessaries among the advertisers & publishers. Day by day it’s becoming stronger than it was before. This platform works as like Google Adwords but not that much awareness like Adwords. Still Bing Ads is one of the best PPC networks for the newbie advertisers. It’s a bit easy to customize that the Adwords. That’s why Bing Ads got 2nd place in the list.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is basically social network advertising platform also popular as PPC network. This network become popular among the people in a very short time. It’s a record breaking invention by Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook. Facebook Ads become the most popular advertising network these days because it’s a social communication platform. That’s why it’s one of the best PPC networks worldwide. We pay money to Facebook & Facebook shows our ad to targeted & relevant buyers to get your goals. Facebook got powerful algorithm to maintain all those system efficiently.


What is Required to Get Started with PPC Networks?

  • Active Credit Card
  • Nation ID Card (may required)
  • Basic Knowledge to Run PPC Ads
  • Business / Blog owner
  • Much more important elements


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