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The Ultimate Off Page SEO Techniques In 2018 24

The Ultimate Off Page SEO Techniques In 2018

If you go for off page SEO you must be following some off page SEO techniques to get ranked in 2018. In this article I will talk about most working techniques in 2018 which will give you superb opportunity to get ranked in the search results this year.

Off page SEO is a way to sharing & promoting your brand among the people. It’s one of the better way to throughout your brand footprint online and help search engines to crawl your site, allow people to have a look at your site. That’s how you can promote your brand using the SEO strategy.

Key Off Page SEO Techniques

Guest Blogging

Broken Link Building

Question / Answer

Forum Posting

Blog Comment

Guest Blogging

When you write article on someone’s blog as a guest that calls guest blogging. It’s one of the effective off page seo techniques in 2018. The fact is, if you can write on some popular blogs and get link for your site that would be great authority for your site. Also search engine will highly support you if you can get links by guest posting. But you need to search the guest blogging opportunity by yourself & outreach it to gain a guest backlink.

How can you find blogs which allows guest posting?

Well, we need to follow some search metrics to get our targeted guest blogs. Let me give you example: suppose you are trying to find some health blogs which allows guest post. Your search terms will be like this:

health tips “write for us”

that means (your keyword) “write for us”

You may have a look at the technology guest blogging sites also automotive guest blogging sites to get started your outreach right away.

Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is another high quality off page SEO strategy. But this process is a bit difficult to maintain. But still this process is very much working & SEO friendly. Suppose you entered in a link and once entered you see that the link is not working. Maybe an error message like “404 not found” or so. That means the link is already broken.

Now our duty is to contact the site owner and let him / her know about the broken link. And offer him you have a quality content which going to match the link topic. That’s the way broken link building process works. And you easily can get a high authority backlink form the site.

How can you find broken link building opportunity?

“Keyword” + “out of business”

“keyword” + “has moved”

“keyword” + “rebrand”

Using those search terms you easy can find out broken links and win a link from high authority site.


Question / Answer

In the market there are a few question / answer sites where people gathers to ask questions or finding answers. Those sites are real great opportunity for you for off page SEO. It’s one of the easiest easy to get numbers of backlinks for your site.

How will it work?

For example: if you enter into a question / answer site you may find lots of questions there. Feel free to answer one of the question that you would be clearly describe. And try to though a backlink for your website. So people can check your website and get more valuable data they needs. But if you just put a backlink without any value you must be banned for sure. So make sure to give value and must age your account.

Example: Yahoo answer, Quora etc

Forum Posting

You may laughing around! And saying yourself, is forum posting still a qualified off page SEO techniques?

Well, my answer is YES!!

Forum posting is still effective & working off page seo strategy. I have tested a few forums which generated huge traffic for me and still generating daily basis. But my friend, if you just register and put your link on a thread or comment it won’t give you any short of result. Even you can get banned instantly because of posting link. So all we need is a well informative account & consistently posting & contributing on the forum. Then it will be one of your golden asset of driving traffic & gaining your business purposes.

Blog Comment

It’s another basic link building strategies regarding off page SEO. This is specially for giving your site authority nor than visitors. But these days it’s hard to get quality blog comments because of spamming point of view. Most of the blog owner is not allows links in the comment because it seems like spam. But still you can get link on your profile & increase your site’s authority step by step.

Tip: please only comment on those article where number of comments already approved. That’s best practice and increases your success rate.

How can I find blog commenting opportunity?

Keyword  “this site uses commentluv”

keyword “powered by wordpress”


Try to implement those useful off page SEO techniques this year and surely those gonna help you on search engine ranking. And make sure to do everything naturally so that search engine feel secure to give you ranking at the top. That will be your main focus while outreaching for off page SEO. Wish you a good luck at the end.

Any questions? Feel free to ask in comment section.


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