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World’s Best Paid SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking

World’s Best Paid SEO Tools to Improve Your Ranking

As a blogger your main dream would be improving your ranking on search engines. You must need to be ensure to prove yourself charm & real to search engine. It’s important to gather ideas to improve ranking. And you must need to be using paid SEO tools to get the specific ideas of ranking factors. Here I will talk about the best paid SEO tools which will help you improving your rankings & gathering valuable data for you.

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It can be difficult to choose the best tool for yourself. As paid tools charges much money that everyone cares about. So, you must be ensure before buying tools from online. You also can check out the best free SEO tools that we recommend for you as a beginner.

What is mine Best Paid SEO Tools?

SEMrush & ahrefs


Cost: $99.95 to $399.95 per month

SEMrush is one of the most essential tool ever based on SEO tactics. The tool is used to analysis competitors, site audit, advertising insight, checking traffic, backlinks, and much more important aspects. The interesting part about this tool is, you can check some data for free. Also they gives trial access to check out if this tool gonna work for you or not. This is one of the best way to research & get the idea what strategy you need to follow up to improve your ranking.



Cost: $99 to $999 per month

It’s one of my favorite & important paid SEO tool. It’s important because of it’s need. Ahrefs mainly allows you to analysis backlink based on keywords & websites. But day by day it’s improving their service. Now a days it’s not only a backlink analysis tool but also it’s used for SEO audits, content marketing analysis, link prospecting and much more. Simply you can check your competitors backlink by using this tool. This tool is most popular to analysis your competitors backlink & your next duty to outreach & get advantage of it. People calls it the best paid SEO tools because of it’s performance.


Open Site Explorer

Cost: $99 to $599 per month

This tool got both free & paid version to use. But as we know that paid version gives us the most features ever. Open Site Explorer is an awesome tool which generates the list of inbound links and helps you to take care of it. Using this tool you can check the DA, PA, estimated links, top pages, linking domains, spam analysis, advanced report and much more. And it’s easy to export your data to a CSV file. You can easily generate page link metrics using open site explorer. It’s one of the MOZ product.

open site explorer

As I know that these are just some tools I discussed in this article. But those tools are real proven to help you gathering valuable data for your search engine campaign. Those best paid SEO tools will bring you the data to make your campaign successful. At the end I want to ask,

What is the best paid SEO tool you ever used?

Let me know the answer in comment section.


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